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Rectangular puzzle


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Product Description

Pika Pau RECTAGULAR PUZZLE as well as all the Pika Pau toys, is made out of natural materials only. It contains four sections that fit under each other, next to each other or one on top of the other. While building towers and tunnels child can learn about size, practice coordination, develop visual perception, fine motor skills and imagination. Its simple design and visible wood structure brings a child closer to nature in a unique way.

Visual perception is one of the five basic perceptions. It develops the ability to interpret information received from sight. It helps a child understand what they see, and therefore recognize and understand different elements such as size, shape, space, etc. Fine motor skills are movement involving small hand muscles, including fingers and thumbs. They enable the child to fit small objects together, tie show laces, draws, hold the pencil properly, writes etc. Starting approximately at the age of two it is good to suggest games that involve fine motor skills. Imagination as productive way of thinking represents the base of artistic, scientific and technical creativity. Playing helps the child develop creativity and imagination, exercise the mental skills and opens the opportunity to explore new ideas and thinking out of the box.
Not suitable for children under 18 months. Beware of small parts.

Additional Information

Weight 0.152 kg
Dimensions 12 x 3.1 x 5.9 cm



Nije pogodno za decu mlađu od 18 meseci.


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