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Oval maze


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Pika Pau OVAL MAZE as well as all the Pika Pau toys, is made out of natural materials only. It contains one wooden maze oval shaped and four marble balls. The child plays by balancing the board with both hands, trying to place all four balls into the right spot. This toy encourages the development of gross motor skills, concentration and eye hand coordination. Its simple design and visible wood structure brings a child closer to nature in a unique way.

Gross motor skills are movements of large muscles in the body which are important for development of basic movements- walking, running, jumping, jumping over things, hopping and climbing, keeping balance ( head balance, bending, stretching, turning, rolling, dodging and walking on a narrow space), handling materials (throwing, catching, hitting, kicking). The development of gross motor skills at an early age, is the foundation for the development of sports skills later on in life. Eye hand coordination is coordinated control of eye movements with the hand in order to achieve movements such as reaching for, grabbing and catching.
Not suitable for children under 3 years. Beware of small parts.

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Dimensions 39 x 16.9 x 2 cm



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